About Steve Bowe

Born and bred in the south of England, Steve Bowe's journey to becoming one of the most exciting music composers of modern times is a classic tale of following a dream. Classically trained from an early age, he started his musical journey, like many, playing guitar in bands at school with all the associated dreams of imminent stardom. His natural affinity with all things technical soon took him into the technology side of music production and he became sought after talent for recording band demos. Reality eventually kicked in and his technical skills steered him into a successful business career in I.T.

However, that is now behind him and he took the decision to go back full time to his first love, music, as composer and producer of his own material. Opting to self publish and offer his musical talents to others, he established BoweMusic Ltd to this end and has now already produced and published two albums of his own work.

Steve is a virtuoso musician (piano, keyboards, guitar and bass) and expert music technologist. He firmly believes in the benefits and possibilities of modern music technology but also takes care to use it wisely and with subtlety. He also has a highly experienced ear for mixing and mastering that he uses frequently to assist others in their productions.

Steve's own music is unique and yet accessible. He likes to create music that he himself would want to listen to. But most importantly, he believes that music should trigger an emotional response in the listener, and conjure up evocative images. Some would claim his music is traditional, rather than experimental but that is absolutely the point. He wants his music to be easy to engage with, and to make an instant connection with the listener.

He has a broad range of musical styles, from classical to pure electronica and everything in between. Largely instrumental, Steve's music more often than not follows a theme, whether it be a time, a place, a culture or any combination thereof. As such, the music a particularly suited to use in media (i.e. film, T.V. and gaming) which is one of his major focus areas.

So sit back, relax, grab a drink and enjoy the journey that this amazing music will take you on.

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