Finest Hour

"...just the most inspiring piece of music I have heard for years."

Steve Bowe's debut album "Finest Hour" was released in April 2011. Inspired by the events of the Battle of Britain in 1940, the music uses a fusion of musical styles from ambient to rock to classical to vividly conjure up those momentous events. The music has a broad appeal, whether considered a stirring tribute, an epic concept album, a modern progressive work, a new age classic, an updating of traditional military music, or a fine example of modern composition at its best. It is any and all of these. Have a listen below and let the music speak for itself.

"Finest Hour" is is now available on CD (ship worldwide) from or BoweMusic direct, and also to download from iTunes. You can download a free copy of "Sunset Over London" from this album via Soundcloud here.

What Listeners Are Saying:

 "...a brilliant piece of music...";   "...the good stuff keeps coming...";    "...really love this album...";   "...seriously impressive...";   "...simply superb..."   Read Full Reviews...

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1. Gathering Storm
2. Channel Raid
3. Scramble
4. Engage
5. Up With The Angels
6. Count Them In
7. Adlertag
8. Sunset Over London
9. Blitz
10. Breakfast In The Ruins
11. Big Wing
12. Reprieve
13. Sceptred Isle

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