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Below are some recent reviews, warts and all, of the "Finest Hour" album from various sources.


"...truly riveting and quite moving musical prominence."   (full article...)  (MWE3 page...)

FINEST HOUR music album(AEROPLANE Magazine)

"...just the most inspiring piece of music I have heard for years."   (full article...)

Musical Tribute(FLYPAST Magazine)

"...a stirring tribute."   (full article...)

(no title)(FaceBook)

"What a truly BRILLIANT album "Finest Hour" is! I can't stop playing it! Love the music, the sound effects, and the whole concept of it, and "Count Them In" moves me to tears. A superb tribute to some very brave men."

Loved It!  (Amazon)

"Really love this album - full of great sounds and tunes. The variety of styles might be off-putting to some listeners, but personally I really like the diversity. The album roughly follows the events and aspects of the battle of britain but I get the feeling that this is purely a concept to showcase some great music, however it does seem to add quite a lot to the overall listening experience. I think the Churchill speech at the beginning is a great and dramatic way to kick off, there are some great rock and electronic compositions in the middle and the final piece is a fantastic and very accessible classical style composition. The fact that it is mostly instrumental means its easy to listen to and conjures up some great images. Pretty much all of the tracks are first rate, although for my tastes, "adlertag" is perhaps a little uninspired. But overall, Excellent."

Bowe-tastic!  (Amazon)

"A Good Buy! For a debut album this is a very mature sounding piece of music. There are no bad pieces; most instrumental albums contain one brilliant piece of work and a load of filler, but in this one the good stuff keeps coming. You'll need to have a broad musical taste to get the best out of it since its got a bit of everything in there from classical to ambient, but I'm pleased I bought it and at the moment I can't stop listening to it. Nice work. "

Very Pleasant Surprise  (Amazon)

"Saw this purely out of curiosity, being mildly interested in the subject matter, and it turned out to be a real gem! It is simply superb. I checked out the montage on the web and was hooked immediately though I must confess I had not come across him before, though I now realise this is a debut. It is hard to compare with mainstream albums, it is more like a soundtrack for a film that has not been made yet (and I would love to see it made!) and would highly recommend it to anyone genuinely interested in instrumental music - of any kind, the styles here are so broad. And about the music? Opens with Churchill's "Finest Hour" speech merged into a spectacularly dramatic orchestral and choral introduction, then morphs into what you could best describe as ambient electronic rock, then to electronica, acoustic ballad, chill out, filmic and climaxing with one of the most impressive classical style pieces I have heard from a new composer in a long time. Every track has something that grabs you, including some great hooks and soundscapes. I don't think it will be long before we hear this chap's music in film and tv, it's that good. For now, though, take a listen and enjoy."

Brilliant piece of music.  (Amazon)

"This is a brilliant piece of music which made my fairly long drive to work much shorter and enjoyable - well worth the money! Thanks mr. Bowe for sharing this with us!!"

Very Impressive.  (Amazon)

"Stumbled on this browsing for film scores. This is a seriously impressive piece of work full of great tracks. Nice to see a modern composer that can still come up with original melodies and musical motifs many of which would not be out of place in the soundtracks of the greatest epic movies. However for me its just a great listen either in isolation or as background music. I deny it a fifth star purely on the basis that a couple of the tracks sound a bit "samey" and the war theme and attendant sound effects (although minimal) don't really float my boat, but that's probably just me. Its worth having though just for the great music."

Great Debut...  (Amazon)

"A fantastic first album, if you are into "grown up" music this is for you. Traces of Oldfield, Enigma, Classical and modern media composers such as Hans Zimmer are all detectable in here. The Battle of Britain theme is a nice premise to base things on but at the end of the day, the music speaks for itself. More soon, please."

Very Talented...  (iTunes)

"I believe that this is the first album from Steve Bowe but I think that we are going to hear a lot more from him in the future. Nicely written and performed and each track expertly produced. It tells a story but without many words with just the titles and the atmospherics from each track telling the story. I don't know how he manages to do this - but it works. The single 'Prayers' isn't on the first album but this is really great too. Maybe this is a taste of what's to come on the next album? If so, I'm really looking forward to hearing that one too ..."

Great Stuff...  (iTunes)

"It's not often you come across a "concept" album where every track stands out so well in its own right. The theme may or may not be to everyone's taste but it doesn't really intrude into what is actually an outstanding opus of soundtrack style music. Some superb original themes and soundscapes can be found in this work, which covers a wide variety of styles from rock through electronic to classical. Highlights for me are the dramatic introductory track which sets the scene superbly, "Scramble" which has a great hypnotic driving riff, "Breakfast in the Ruins" with its sweeping bagpipe melody, and "Sceptred Isle" which is a very impressive melodic orchestral composition ranking with the best. But all the tracks have something original and spectacular to remember them by. More soon, please...."

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