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Below you will find all of the currently published tracks by Steve Bowe along with 40 second audio samples* and a brief comment from Steve himself.

Some of the tracks also have a full version available to hear.

TrackFromSteve's NotesLength
"Dance of the May"

"This is my homage to old english culture, using a traditional rhythm and folk melody combined with an electronic undercurrent." (full version...)

"The Pearl Garden"

"A full range of Chinese instruments and samples was used to create this tranquil yet electrifying soundtrack to an oriental garden." (full version...)

"Last Train To Agra"

"I combined a contemporary western dance beat with rock guitar and Indian vocal samples and percussion to create what I think is something greater than the sum of its parts, i.e. an addictive rhythmic experience with all the atmosphere and rich colour of India." (full version...)

"Orpheus - Cut'n'Shut Mix"

"This is a remix of 'Orpheus' from 'Soundscapes' done just for fun. Not much more to say really..." (full version...)


"One of my all time favourite compositions for its simplicity of theme but haunting use of samples to convey a sense of world spirituality along with a hypnotic rhythm." (full version...)

"Queen Of The Nile"

"A somewhat ambitious production that nevertheless works really well in my opinion, this fuses an eastern melody and sounds with a pounding electronic rock instrumentation to provide a full on 'in your face' musical experience." (full version...)

"After The Storm"

"Another chill out styled piece, conveying calm and rest and using electronic and choral instrumentation in a smooth and hypnotic musical experience."


"My primary foray into pure dance music, but keeping it slightly away from the norm by using a Gregorian style melody chant and electric guitar solo." (full version...)

"Ile de la Cite"

"A classical style waltz but with some more modern rhythmic interpretation. Pure Paris in its atmosphere, using accordion and solo violins to provide a traditional sound that morphs into a full Viennese orchestral waltz." (full version...)

"The Return Of Jack Tar"

"A pure piece of fun, this track. I combined a traditional sea shanty with a modern beat and the sound of sailors marking time and otherwise enjoying the occasion to create a light hearted feel good piece."


"A real fusion piece this, using a haunting violin melody over a hip hop style beat, vocal samples and ambient keyboards to create a really strong atmosphere designed to evoke a slightly supernatural and folksy feel." (full version...)


"I'm really pleased with this piece. Classically styled but using some modern effects, this is intended to evoke the Scottish highlands using a combination of orchestral melody and subtle pipe sounds." (full version...)

"Sunset Highway"

"Inspired by a Californian road trip, this track uses a fast paced underlying rhythm with a slight country music feel to it, combined with operatic and modern vocal elements. Topped off with extensive piano work it is the ultimate driving soundtrack."

"Rat Race"

"Slightly autobiographical, representing memories of working in the I.T. business and the incessant stresses and efforts. I used a repeating vocal sample pattern over electronic and orchestral melodic hooks to generate a sense of the never ending pattern of life and the pathos associated with trying in vain to find something better."


"A departure for me this, a pure choral work with a deliberately disjointed time signature, providing a stark but relevant contrast to the muddy hell of the WWI trenches as a respectful remembrance."

"A Farewell"

"An example of a repeating chord pattern and electronic hook building to a rousing choral crescendo using anthemic drums and choir effects, conveying the mixed emotions associated with a life changing event."

"Gathering Storm"

"I wanted to create a dark, threatening piece to open the album. Winston Churchill's 'Finest Hour' speech sets the scene the track builds into an overwhelming choral and orchestral crescendo that is intended to convey imminent violence and terror."

"Channel Raid"

"This track conveys the thrill of the hunt and chase, using a rolling bass line to build tension leading to the denouement and then bringing the pace back down."


"I tried to convey an awe-inspiring spectacle with this piece by using a huge sounding guitar hook overlaying a driving rhythm and interspersing with airy choral and keyboard sounds."


"This is a fast, busy track that represents frenetic dangerous activity and uses a dissonant guitar hook and slightly unconventional chord changes to convey danger and unpredictability."

"Up With The Angels"

"An airy, spacey feel to this track together with choral samples are intended to give the impression of flying far above the clouds."

"Count Them In"

"One of my rare excursions into conventional vocals, I used the luscious picked acoustic guitar layers and a build of orchestral arrangement to create maximum pathos. Features Pauline Evans and Jo Tanton on vocals." (full version...)


"Intended to convey the bold confidence of a powerful adversary, rock guitar sounds are combined with a bold orchestral melody to convey a sense of invincibility."

"Sunset Over London"

"This piece is pure classic chill out ambient, conveying calm and peace (albeit short lived in the context!) and I used the Big Ben samples to give some geographic identity." (full version...)


"A combination of orchestral and electronic instrumentation is used here over a busy percussive backing, designed to conjure up images of surreal destruction and menace."

"Breakfast In The Ruins"

"The combination of bagpipes and choirs is guaranteed to generate pathos and atmosphere, in this case to create optimism out of despair."

"Big Wing"

"Another fusion of strident orchestral theme with a driving electronic backing to give an impression of power and confidence with maybe just a hint of suspense."


"One of my classically styled themes that in this context expresses a sense of relief and calm after a difficult experience."

"Sceptred Isle"

"My attempt at a full blown classical piece with a more complex structure, drawing on a traditional major key English style and melody but with a minor section to give the overall impression of optimism but with remembrance."

"Santa's Back In Town (by The WSL Crew)"

"A fun Christmas song produced by Steve and written by Roy Bennett, featuring some of the local kids on vocals." (full version...)

"Night On The Town"

"Something of a complete departure for me, a jazz/swing/big band style song that was dropped from the 'Finest Hour' album at the last moment but despite admittedly cheesy lyrics it still a lot of fun." (full version...)


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