Steve Bowe is an experienced and broad genre composer as you can tell from our music library.

He specialises in instrumental works designed to evoke emotions and images that is ideally suited to media such as film, TV, advertising and gaming.

We would be delighted to discuss your requirements in more detail.


Steve works by identifying a theme for a piece before writing a note. Then he will experiment with melodies, instruments and rhythms to get the appropriate feel before starting to build the composition in his studio. To use the existing albums as examples, in the case of "Finest Hour", the overall theme and storyboard for the album was defined up front and each work constructed accordingly; whilst for "Soundscapes", each piece was inspired individually. But either way, the process is the same. When constructing music for the albums, Steve generally likes to maintain a fairly "traditional" structure to the piece overall so as to get maximum engagement from the listener, rather than be too experimental with the musical form. This also makes his work ideal for media, where a strong central theme is usually required and variations upon it used elsewhere. But he is also adept at providing incidental music and effects where atmosphere is required and has an extensive library of samples and musical instruments for this purpose.

Steve is passionate about producing music that makes the listener feel something, seeing this as the most important function of good music and would like to share with you his undeniable talent for doing so.

Commercial Options

We have two main ways of operating. The option offered will depend on an understanding of the scope of your project.

A work for hire arrangement involves paying for the time spent on your project. Our normal daily rate is GBP200.00. The amount of time taken on your project is of course variable based on the nature and quantity of music required and we are happy to provide an estimate once we have a firm idea of requirements. This method generally involves granting you a non-exclusive limited use licence to use the resulting work.

For larger scope commercial projects, we can offer a fixed fee in return for an ongoing futures royalty arrangement, granting you an exclusive or non-exclusive limited use licence.

These are are published rates and approaches, but bear in mind that we are presently looking to build a portfolio of referenceable credits, and so there are definitely good deals to be done!

To get your project moving, please contact with an outline of your requirements and we'll start talking - no obligation!