BoweMusic proudly owns the copyright on Steve Bowe's catalogue of works. Most of this catalogue is available for non-exclusive licensing for a variety of purposes. Mostly suited to advertising, film, TV and gaming, there is a rich selection of existing pieces to choose from covering a variety of themes and styles licensing. Remember, if what you need is not already on file, do check out our composition services!

Steve Bowe's music is largely instrumental, evocative, entertaining, and a pleasure to listen to. It will add a completely new dimension to your media project. Steve is a particularly prolific composer and new works are added to the library regularly. If you want to be kept up to date with new music as it becomes available be sure to join the mailing list.

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These are the typical licenses offered by BoweMusic for the use of the library works.

A "Master Use License" grants basic permission to use the existing recorded work for your own purposes within limits and timescales agreed in the terms of the license. This is the basic requirement for any use of the works.

A "Mechanical License" grants you the right to generate copies of the work within specified limits and timeframes and usually involves a "per unit" cost element. A typical example would be inclusion on a compilation album on CD and/or download.

A "Synchronisation License" grants you the right to use the work within a media project (such as a film, TV advertisment/programme or video game) within agreed limits and timeframes. Subject to the agreed terms of the license, modification of the work (e.g. overdubs, fades in and out) may also be applied. If physical or digital copies of your work are to be distributed, a Mechanical License will also be required.

A "Performing Rights License" grants you permission to perform and/or broadcast the work in a public environment (e.g. radio, public concerts etc.)

If it seems complex, it can be, that's the way these things work. But to simplify matters for you BoweMusic will grant you a single tailored license that includes the appropriate elements for your requirements. The reason these license categories are specified individually is that the fee/royalty associated with each has to be devised separately, but we will work out what you need and the associated costs based on your "plain english" stated needs.

Please bear in mind that we are presently looking to build a portfolio of referenceable credits, and so there are definitely good deals to be done!