BoweMusic Services

BoweMusic is about far more than Steve Bowe's music. Steve lends his talents to a number of services based around his exceptional skills and experience in audio processing and production.

The primary services offered are listed below, click on the links for more information.

Audio Mastering

Audio mastering is the process that all commercial recordings go through before release. It involves applying the finishing touches to a recorded work to ensure that it sounds as perfect as possible and adding a bit of extra sparkle to the sound. However brilliant you may think your original is, if it is not properly mastered it will not sound as good as everyone elses, end of story.

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Steve Bowe is an experienced and broad genre composer as you can tell from our music library. He specialises in instrumental works designed to evoke emotions and images that is ideally suited to media such as film, TV, advertising and gaming. He would be delighted to discuss your requirements in more detail and is happy to operate on either a fee or royalty basis depending on the nature of your project.

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BoweMusic proudly owns the copyright on Steve Bowe's catalogue of works. Most of this catalogue is available for non-exclusive licensing for a variety of purposes. Mostly suited to advertising, film, TV and gaming, there is a rich selection of existing pieces to choose from covering a variety of themes and styles for mechanical and synchronisation licensing.

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