"Soundscapes", Steve's second album, was released in September 2011. It has been a very personal project for Steve, capturing many of his favourite ideas and places with his trademark evocative sounds, accessible structures and melodic themes. Typical of his work, a wide range of musical styles are employed to take the listener on a fascinating journey. Have a listen below and enjoy the ride.

"Soundscapes" is is now available to download from iTunes, on CD (ship worldwide) from Amazon and direct from BoweMusic. Also CD and download from CD Baby.

"I wanted to create an album full of evocative themes and moods to transport the listener through lands and times whilst keeping to my core philosophy of producing music that engages. I believe I have achieved this with “Soundscapes”. Where else will you find an album of music that takes you from ancient Egypt to the battlefields of the First World war via the back streets of Paris, an 18th century sailing ship, the lochs of Scotland and the highways of California. I hope you enjoy the journey I have arranged for you."

Steve Bowe, September 2011.

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 "...enjoyable and addictive...";    "...loved it...";   "...can't recommend highly enough..."    "...thoroughly recommend this...";   " of the best electronic music works reviewed...";  
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1. Prayers
2. Queen of the Nile
3. After the Storm
4. Orpheus
5. Île de la Cité
6. The Return of Jack Tar
7. Iceman
8. Caledonia
9. Sunset Highway
10. Rat Race
11. Somme
12. A Farewell

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Album fantasy artwork designed and produced by Chris Bray at Azhrei Art. Selected samples used from Zero-G and Xfonic VOCAL FOUNDRY. Selected samples used under Creative Commons and listed here.