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Below are some recent reviews of the "Soundscapes" album from various sources.

CD Review - Soundscapes, Steve Bowe  (Raj Manoharan, RajMan Reviews)

"...full of energy and rhythm and never lets up..."   (full article...)

Soundscapes - Steve Bowe  (Alejandro Clavijo Gonzales, Reviews New Age)

" of the best electronic music works reviewed..."   (full article...)

Steve Bowe - Soundscapes(John M. Peters, The Borderland)

"...gets under the skin and stays there... Magic!"   (full article...)

Soundscapes by Steve Bowe(Michael Diamond, Music and Media Focus)

"...wonderful creativity, imagination, and musical expertise..."   (full article...)

STEVE BOWE Soundscapes  (Matthew Forss, music journalist)

"Steve's use of melody, rhythm, and sound is top-notch...
...enjoyable and addictive without any negative side effects."   (full article...)

STEVE BOWE Soundscapes(Robert Silverstein, Music Web Express 3000)

"...completely brilliant...It's rewarding to see up and coming artists with talents as worthy as Steve Bowe..."   (full article...)

I really enjoyed this one..  (Amazon)

"This is Steve Bowe's second album. I bought his first release on a recommendation and loved it. The textures and depth of his music has taken a step forward with Soundscapes. This album has a mix of themes, each one takes the listener on a journey, both geographical and emotional. From the Nile to the Somme, from spirituality to celebration. It's great music to close your eyes to! It is very "filmic" music, would love to see some videos produced for it by Steve."

"Soundscapes" by Steve Bowe  (Amazon)

"I have recently purchased 'soundscapes' by Steve Bowe - what an amazing album. I can thoroughly recommend this to all lovers of good instrumental music. Steve is an extremely talented musician whom through this album and his previous one 'Finest Hour' should receive the recognition he deserves."

Love it!!!!  (Amazon)

"Better than Finest Hour IMHO, and that is praise indeed! Great sounds, great melodies, some real surprises as well. Can't recommend highly enough."

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